Get Up to Speed on Graphics With a Photo Shop Video Tutorial

Have you reached a point where you need a user-friendly Photo Shop Video Tutorial?

If so, you’re not alone.

Sometimes when we need to build a website, add a graphical element to a portfolio or PowerPoint presentation, or update a blog with a cool photo, it’s nice to whip up a pretty image.

And it’s even better if you can add a text caption, create a nice background, and crop and resize the image to fit perfectly into whatever application you’re using.

I’ve never been a graphic designer and was always deathly afraid of Photo Shop. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, Adobe PhotoShop is the world’s most popular software for editing graphics and photos. This program is filled with so many bells and whistles that it would take a lifetime to learn all the cool things in it.

But most of us at some point or another will need to fiddle around with graphics. And our smart, geeky graphic designer friends will tell us, “Oh, just get a copy of Photo Shop and you’ll be fine.”

When I finally purchased Photo Shop and loaded it up on my computer I nearly had a heart attack. This is one HUGE program. And although you can soon figure out a few things on your own, just mastering the use of the various control panels and learning how to flip back and forth between various aspects of the program can be incredibly daunting.

I rushed out to get some of those “Photoshop for Idiots” guides, thinking these would guide me through the basics of getting started with Photo Shop.

They gave me an even bigger headache.

I’m a “point and click” kind of guy. Tell me to point there, click that, and I’m good to go.

These users manuals just made everything seem more complicated.

I finally figured out that I needed a set of videos. I needed a Photo Shop video tutorial that would show me how to do lots of stuff in Photo Shop, but do so one step at a time. I needed someone to show me exactly what to do. I didn’t need a long-winded explanation, I just need to know how to do each step.

I bought a couple of Photo Shop video tutorials and was very disappointed. Some were way too complicated and still assumed that the user was pretty far along in their understanding of Photo Shop.

Others were disorganized and hard to wade through. They made it hard to get to the information. I needed a series of videos which told me stuff like “Click on video three to learn how to add text to an image.” “Click on video six to learn how to remove flaws from a family photograph.” “Click on video seven to add a border to an image.”

Well, I finally found what I needed in a Photo Shop video tutorial called “Learn Photo Shop in Just 2 Hours!”

This video tutorial actually delivers on its promise. You really CAN use it and get up to speed quite quickly on a wide range of Photo Shop tasks.

Now I’m happily creating my own graphic headers for my blogs and websites. I can put text and a photo together. And I can fix photos I’ve had sitting around for a while that need adjustments like lighting, shadow, borders, and a whole bunch of other tweaks.

Learn Photoshop in Just 2 Hours makes learning Photo Shop easy and fast.

So if you’ve suffered through enough Photo Shop headaches, check out this user-friendly tutorial and get up to speed today on some basic, intermediate, and even advanced Photo Shop techniques.