Adobe Photo Shop Training – What You Need to Know

If you take a poll of the top web designers and graphics professionals, and ask them their preferred tool for creating and editing digital images, the top choice would almost always be Adobe Photo Shop. This is the standard for the graphic design industry. For that reason, Photo Shop training is always in great demand, and the options for getting that training are plentiful.

If you are just getting to know Photo Shop, don’t let the name throw you off. This is far more than a photo editor. While many people use the program to edit new images for projects or restore older photos to new life, the most popular applications include graphic and web design projects. Clearly, with the explosion of the Internet, services provided by Photo Shop users are always in demand.

For digital image applications, it is unparalleled. Create, enhance, retouch, optimize, combine, whatever you want to do, Adobe Photoshop can do it. As you can imagine, learning this program isn’t necessarily a piece of cake. Good Photo Shop training must be structured to begin with the very basics and move forward, teaching one new element at a time. Too many courses that I’ve seen assume too much familiarity with the program off the bat. Students can immediately be lost the minute they begin.

Here are some of the features to look for in Photo Shop training courses.

– the material should be structured in modules, beginning with the assumption that the student knows little or nothing about the program or what it does. Each module should build on the previous modules in a logical and meaningful manner. In this way, more advanced students with some working knowledge can jump ahead to the appropriate part of the training and move forward from there.

– books or manuals with written instructions should be used as supplements, not as primary instructional media. Since this is a digital imaging application, for most people it is much easier to learn by watching, rather than trying to get the idea from printed copy alone. Books and manuals are the best choice for reference material to consult during the training, but poor for use in the actual teaching.

– I personally prefer step by step video training, presented in such a way that you can have the video running on one part of your screen and the Photoshop program open in another. I’ve found that most people learn graphics editing skills best by following and doing, and student progress with video-based Photo Shop training appears to be more rapid.

Why learn Abode Photo Shop? The reasons are plentiful. Many people use the software for simple photo editing or to create unique family photo albums. Frankly, for this type of work, it is overkill. This is primarily a commercial application, designed for people who do web design or digital image editing for a living. If you have a desire to master the top application in the industry, and learn skills that can pay you very well, Adobe Photo Shop training is a smart choice for you.